The Buzz 100.7 FM

The Buzz

Dr. Tara Fields brings her entertaining psychotherapeutic know-how to listeners in the Puget Sound region on the area’s FM talk station, The Buzz 100.7 FM.

Fields is young, bright, has a quick wit and is very hip. She is a psychotherapist and her local show takes on issues like finding and keeping a healthy love relationship, parenting, marital issues and balancing careers.

Fields is not afraid to be human, something she sees in common with her “Frasier” TV counterpart. “You see behind the scenes that he cares,” says Fields, “and that he has a good heart. But let’s acknowledge that I have more hair and a better relationship with my dog.”

Fields says she isn’t doing therapy on her show and believes it’s unethical to give listeners snappy answers or glib criticism.

“I give some strong opinions, but the ball is in their court,” Fields says. “My intent with the show is just to get people on the right path, to open up about their problems. There are no quick fixes and I remind my listeners they need to seek help for tougher problems.”