California Passes Bill Banning Gay Reparative Therapy

originally published in the huffington-post
Originally posted: 05/31/2012 3:45 pm Updated: 06/02/2012 1:54 pm in The Huffington Post

The California State Senate approved a bill that would make California the first state in the nation to ban the use of conversion therapy, a type of psychotherapy aimed at turning LGBT people straight, among minors.

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However, the ban is not without its critics.

The National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) quickly came out against the bill on its website, citing it as inappropriate government intrusion.

“Bull,” said licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Tara Fields in response. “There are so many laws and guidelines regarding therapy because it is such a sacred resource for humans. People who come in here sometimes have serious psychological damages and it is essential that those boundaries exist.”

Fields said that, while there is little evidence supporting the success of conversion therapy, there is much evidence to support its impacts.

“There are those who have white-knuckled it and claimed that they’ve been converted. But research has shown profound negative psychological impacts, including anxiety and depression, as a result,” she told HuffPost. “And as therapists, we don’t have a right to decide what other people’s values should be.”

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The challenge: dress slacks for a petite woman

Tara Fields

  • The budget: $200 or less
  • The adviser: Tara Fields Ph.D., (pictured) TV and radio therapist
  • Among the possibilities: Ralph Lauren Slim chocolate-brown wool/Lycra slacks with costs (for petites), $168, at Macy’s
  • The solution: Banana Republic slim black wool/Lycra pinstriped slacks, $148, at Banana Republic, Mill Valley
  • The reasoning: “The regular sized 2 fit just like a petite 4, which I’m used to buying, but with one very important exception — they were long enough! I need pants that look professional and are comfortable enough to sit in all day when I see patients and do a three-hour radio show. And the pinstripes are classic.”
  • The last word: “As any petite woman can tell you, just because we are vertically challenged doesn’t necessarily mean we all have short legs. When it comes to finding slacks that fit, unfortunately, most are so short they’d only be good for waiting through the El Niño floods.