My Brother, My Bully – When a Sibling Wields the Sword

Just when we think we have made significant inroads on bullying at school, a study published in the journal Pediatrics reveals that sibling bullying can be far worse than what happens at school.

According to a study of over 3,500 children (up to age 17), the long-term consequences of being bullied, Read more

The Favorite Child

Do you prefer one of your children?
If you think your favoritism is no big deal—think again. The consequences for both the Golden Child and the runner-up can last a lifetime.

The reality is that most parents will identify with one of their offspring more than the others, which is not harmful when all the children are well loved. But favoritism, taken to an extreme, can cause psychological and even physical harm. Read more

The High-Stakes Price Children Pay When a Parent Sneaks Around

Whether or not an adult decides to cheat when married (or in a committed relationship) is basically his or her business.
I am a firm believer that consenting adults should be free to do anything they want, within reason.

After all, as adults, they possess the freedom of choice,  and in choosing to cheat, one presumes that the participants are also cognitively choosing to suffer the consequences. Read more