Making Your Vows Last

Take a break from looking at floral arrangements, put down those honeymoon brochures for a minute, and read this….

After many years of counseling couples, I’ve found four key issues can make or break a marriage. Below are those issues and my tips on how to ensure a happy, successful marriage follows a picture perfect ceremony.
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Why This Married Heterosexual Relationship Therapist Supports the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage

I truly believe that the institution of marriage will not change for the worse if the legal right to be married is extended to lesbian, bisexual, gay, or transgender couples.

Everybody should have the right to make a legal and spiritual commitment to the person he or she loves and wants to spend the rest of his or her life with. Read more

The 10 Ways You Fight (and How to Really Win)

Here’s a newsflash: even the best couples fight.

It’s not conflict that drives couples apart

– in fact, a little disagreement with your spouse or partner can show commitment to the relationship. Over time, conflict can build trust in the idea that you can handle hard times together. Read more

How to find and Keep a Healthy Relationship

How To Find And Keep A Healthy Relationship. Can you follow your heart and use your head at the same time?

How do you recognize the red flags that help you avoid Mr. or Ms. Wrong from the get go? Read more

The Favorite Child

Do you prefer one of your children?
If you think your favoritism is no big deal—think again. The consequences for both the Golden Child and the runner-up can last a lifetime.

The reality is that most parents will identify with one of their offspring more than the others, which is not harmful when all the children are well loved. But favoritism, taken to an extreme, can cause psychological and even physical harm. Read more

The High-Stakes Price Children Pay When a Parent Sneaks Around

Whether or not an adult decides to cheat when married (or in a committed relationship) is basically his or her business.
I am a firm believer that consenting adults should be free to do anything they want, within reason.

After all, as adults, they possess the freedom of choice,  and in choosing to cheat, one presumes that the participants are also cognitively choosing to suffer the consequences. Read more

Reclaim Valentine’s Day!

Forget Cheesy Lingerie — She’ll probably just say, “And what did you get me!?”.
And forget overpriced flowers — flowers just die anyway.

This year, give a real, meaningful gift, one that is personal and one that will last (or at least, a real, meaningful gift and those overpriced flowers). Read more